Spencer Stephenson

ART NOW S20 Professional Practices


This work shows two uprooted trees lying down in a bed that represent my mother and I lying in my bed. When lying down with her, I experienced an old, familiar sense of comfort. It seemed like I was a child again because the connection I felt to my mother in that moment mimicked the strong attachment I had to her when I was young. I decided to depict both of the trees in a very similar manner, conveying this strong connection, both biological and emotional. This moment led me to reflect on the ways in which my relationship with my mother has inevitably changed as I’ve aged. The trees are uprooted to portray an abrupt break from the rest of the world, essentially engaged in a moment of escape. The trees are placed above the quilt to represent the moment as temporary or fleeting. Both the flowers on the quilt and the crochet trim exhibit a sense of femininity and peacefulness. These elements were deliberately placed within the work to convey the context in which this moment occurred. In particular, the crochet trim relates to themes of age and time. The detailed trim provokes antique imagery, as it is a type of fabric reminds me of women in past generations, like my own mother. I created this work in order to give life to a tangible representation of this memory and to show the importance of appreciation for seemingly small moments. I decided to illustrate the scene in a somewhat realistic manner so that the viewer could clearly understand what was taking place. I hope that the audience experiences the subtly of such moments but simultaneously understands the importance of cherishing human connection.