Madelin Snider

ART NOW S20 Professional Practices

Class of 2023
Art+Design Major

This digital artwork is a reference to one of my biggest inspirations for my art, which is poetry. It is based on a poem by Atticus, my favorite author, that reads “A sky full of stars and he was staring at her”. To me this poem represents the idea of caring so much for somebody that even the most beautiful things become irrelevant when they are around. This is the idea I have portrayed in this artwork. Both figures sit on a blanket on the ground covered in moonlight, but while the girl stares up at the stars in wonder, the boy looks at her like there is nothing else around. My hope for this artwork is that it reminds the viewer of the feeling they get when they are around the people they love and for a moment allows them to take themselves back to memories of times in their lives where they were truly in the moment and didn’t have a care in the world besides the people they care about.