The Department of Art at Butler University combines the creative practice of visual art with the discipline of design to prepare its students for an adaptable career in an ever-changing work landscape. Coursework includes study of traditional visual art forms, current design practices, and a required second major or minor. Our professionally practicing faculty encourage students to widely explore their interests so that after their time at Butler, they have the right mix of information, skills, and experiences to pursue a fulfilling and sustainable career.

Art History is the study of art from the past and the present within its various contexts, such as political, sociological, and cultural ones, as well as the frameworks provided by artistic practice and critical discourse. Art History encourages creative and critical thinking through visual analysis, and the skill set can be applied to other disciplines as well. With the Indianapolis Museum of Art adjacent to Butler campus, Art History incorporates a variety of museum activities to promote the close looking, object-based research, and experiential learning. 

We are located in the Jordan College Annex. Look for the pink doors!