Lexi Harford

ART NOW S20 Professional Practices

Class of 2023
Art+Design Major

My artwork is an attempt to capture my two best friends back home and I as a series of three botanical drawings, each flower representing a different characteristic that I admire about my friends. In the Victorian era, flowers were often delivered to express feelings that couldn’t be spoken aloud, similar to the way I tend to use my art, so I combined these two things to create pieces that I believe to be beautiful to any audience, but hold a special meaning to me and my friends. The first flower is a coreopsis or tickseed flower for Alex, which represents someone who is always cheerful, something I value most in her. The second flower is a lily of the valley for Katelyn, which is a symbol for sweetness and innocence, which seemed fitting for my caring best friend who sees the good in everyone. For myself, I chose celandine, which represents hope for the future, something I believe myself to have, and something I hope to possess moving forward in my life.