Jack Landers

ART NOW S20 Professional Practices

Class of 2021
Art+Design Minor

Frigid Witch is a painting that represents themes of the animal kingdom, witchcraft, magic, and power. This combination of items suits my personal aesthetic perfectly as these are all things that inspire me artistically and make me feel good when I see them. The scene is ominous and void of a human figure. This makes it easy to imagine oneself in the scene as an observer or an actor. The deep, desaturated blues echo the coldness that an Inuit shaman might feel as they prepare a curse for their target. The piece exudes power in a subtle way. It is not clear what certain pieces are and things become muddied and vague. It is mysterious and vague, which brings depth. This depth and intricacy echoes those targeted by oppression and gives them a space that they can escape to when they have nowhere else to go.