Annie Boster

ART NOW S20 Painting

Class of 2021
Art+Design Major

The painting “All of Me” was created from a photo reference of an image of me in Israel this summer. All of my works come from memories and this was a very sweet one in a beautiful garden, with artwork everywhere. I find so much joy creating pieces that constantly remind me of happy times. When painting this, I changed somethings up and of course, added some flair, but stuck to the reference image for the most part.

“NOLA” – Over Spring Break I took a road trip to New Orleans with some friends. This piece was inspired by the colorful art scene there and if you have seen any of my work, you know that I do not shy away from bright colors. This style of painting is something that I had never done before, but I am very pleased with how it turned out.  Making this piece took a lot of patience and layering in order to get the texture that I was going for.