Caroline Diehl

ART NOW S20 Professional Practices

Class of 2022
Art+Design Minor

’You are making a difference every day.” After finding that quote, I decided I wanted to incorporate a classroom theme in order to convey the connection between teachers and students, as I am elementary education major; however, it is applicable to everyone. We all have teachers (or we have mentors, friends, or significant others) of our own in this world that we learn from, are inspired by, and who leave an imprint on our hearts. The quote, seen in a light grey, is hidden in the graphic: you (part of the clock), are (part of the ABC’s), making – in the cursive above the whiteboard; a – written on the board; difference – found in the problem on the board, distorting them to form letters; every – hidden in the Encyclopedia books under the whiteboard; day – on the rug. The use of the color yellow evokes feelings of happiness, hope, inspiration, intelligence, and positivity. With these intentional decisions about color, I hope my audience resonates with the message of finding people who inspire you and being an inspirational to others.