Blaire Trusty

ART NOW S20 Painting

Class of 2020
Art+Design Major

Untitled #1 – My happy place is Lake Sweetwater in Nineveh, Indiana. I grew up on that lake and enjoy staying with family and friends at my parent’s lake house. One of my favorite photographs I have ever taken was during Fourth of July weekend at the lake off of our balcony. That photo was my inspiration to re-live a happy moment. So, I took upon the challenge to paint every detail as realistically as possible. I want people to feel the same happiness I feel while looking at it, along with placing themselves in the scenery as if they were there.

Untitled #2 -I normally make paintings based off of specific moments in time. I love taking photographs and I typically end up referencing my photos to later on turn into a painting. But this piece is different. I was inspired by the “acrylic pour” technique mixed with my excitement to go on spring break (I made this painting just a week before I flew to Florida). So, I blended many blues together and just poured it on a canvas. Just how real ocean waves are unpredictable, I had no idea how my painting was going to turn out. This piece definitely got me out of my comfort zone by not perfecting every brush stroke, but rather let the painting flow and create itself.

Untitled #3 -This prompt was called “Lose Control/Gain Control”. Just like my ocean scene painting using the “acrylic pour” technique, I let the paint do the talking for this one. Once I poured a variety of pinks and purple paint onto my canvas, I waited to see how that paint would dry to then determine what it was I was going to turn the composition into. The colorful shape reminded me of a speaking bubble, so to “gain control” of my project I used sharpie to draw a figure. My hope is for viewers to feel the sense of playfulness mixed with creativity and self-expression.