Anna Sullivan

2021-2022 ART NOW F21

Graduation Year: 2024 Major:
Art + Design 
Minor: Strategic Communication 

ART313 Photography 2
Professor Steve Nyktas

First Image (Irwin Library): This photograph is of Irwin Library on Butler University’s campus. I took this photograph during the golden hour for a class assignment. The arches of Irwin were beautifully lit by the morning sun and my intent was to capture this. During the editing process, I brought the contrast and saturation up to bring more life to the photo. I also used the burn tool to darken the shadows of the arch which further amplifies the sunlight. 

Series (Chicago Series): This series was shot in Chicago. While walking around the city I became overwhelmed by the magnitude of architecture. I wanted to capture this feeling of immensity and took all my photographs in an attempt to do so. I edited all the photographs in black and white because it magnified the breath of the skyscrapers. I also went in a used the dodge and burn tool as needed to highlight certain aspects.