Olivia Heinecke

2021-2022 ART NOW F21

Art+Design Major
Minors in Neuroscience and Chemistry
Class of 2022

ART323 Photography 3
Professor Steve Nyktas

Series Title:
Dress Up(Blue: Dress Up #1, Pink: Dress Up #2, Green: Dress Up #3, Teal: Dress Up #4, White: Dress Up #5)

Barbie and the concept of dress-up fashion dolls have been around for over 60 years (paper dolls even longer). Though it has been a staple toy for many children, there is no denying the unrealistic appearance of the dolls as well as their seemingly luxurious lifestyles. It can be too easy to deflect what we want onto the dolls by dressing them the way we like. With social media and ever-changing/recycling/updating fashion trends, in a way we are like dolls too. Only, we are being dressed to seek the approval of others and confine ourselves to social norms. For this photoshoot, I utilized real paper doll clothing (newer and vintage) to replicate the idea of a “larger entity” dressing the models in order to fit its ideal standard.