Xan Korman

Exhibitions Photography Photography 1 Quarantined 2020

Major: Business – Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Class of 2022

ART303 Photography 1
Professor Steve Nyktas

I was at protests almost a week straight, I just missed one day. On Saturday, I was tear gassed and shot in the foot with a pepper bullet. On Sunday, I was tear gassed again and I saw police throw flash bangs because people weren’t allowed to walk across a street in the city and they were upset about it. All of these photos showcase emotion through writing or facial expressions. I have been so moved by some of the speeches I’ve heard at these protests. I’ve received nothing but kind words by protestors, because as one of them said, I’m on the front lines with them, putting myself in danger to tell the story. I believe that it’s right for media to be at the protests to show the events that happen, which might not be showcased by the mainstream television/news outlets.