Blaire Trusty

Thesis 2020

Class of 2020
Art+Design Major and Education Minor

The past is more than a memory

Our world is full of so many beautiful places that I can only dream of ever traveling to a small fraction of them. But the places I have been thus far have impacted me more than I would have imagined. People don’t take trips, trips take people. Not only do I have a passion for traveling, but I long for making memories that last. With that being said I love photography and capturing specific moments in time. For my thesis project I will combine my photography from various places I have been with realistic paintings.

Memories are powerful pieces from our past that become a part of who we are and maybe even still feel present. I want to expand my painting skills to vividly recreate certain moments and feel reconnected to that specific moment in time. I also want people to look at my work and be able to place themselves into that certain place as well and maybe even feel the joys I felt while doing so.