Bailee Dodson

Thesis 2020

Class of 2020
Art+Design and Psychology Majors

Be Boldly Reflective: Art Journal

As I close out my time as a Butler student, I want my art thesis not just to be something I create, but I want something to be created. An emotional response. A healed heart. Or maybe just a simple and creative way to have fun.

My reflective art journal: Be Boldly Reflective will help people be able to identify who they are and where they can focus on decreasing the struggles in their life.  This piece has the desire to speak out my passion for this type of work and to be an advocate for creating a pre-art therapy path at Butler University. I plan to attend IUPUI this upcoming fall to get my master’s in art therapy. I want my thesis to be evidence of why art is a reflective method to healing from trauma, mental health, behavioral issues, and socialization. My psychology classes have given me an extensive understanding of the brain and human interaction. And my art classes have given me the ability to create a professional reflective journal. This thesis project has given me a way to combine all that Butler has taught me.

I have created twenty pages of my journal and honestly do not have the desire to stop making. I am sharing my favorite twelve with you in this exhibition and will be selling the full journal this upcoming summer. I will update the Butler Art + Design Department when the journals are ready to be sold. If you want to be updated on when the journals are available and get some exclusive pages email: