Mimi Holden

2020-2021 Animation+Video ART NOW F20 Exhibitions

Class of 2021
Art + Design/ English

My highlight reel is all very experimental. Most of these projects were the fourth or fifth try at making the piece. I learned that when it comes to the animation process, I do not have the patience that I thought I did. I like to draw the image as a whole, but breaking them down and making them move is another story. Once I am done with a piece I am done with a piece and so pushing past the drawing stage to do more with an image has been a real challenge for me through this class. Most of the pieces (such as the one of my dog Django or the cartwheel) were accidents in a way. I did not go into any of these animations with a plan, I would just be drawing for leisure and decide that that image would be something interesting to work with for an animation. Sometimes this added to the amount of attempts that went into the piece, the cartwheel clip being a prime example of too many parts that I wasn’t sure what to do with while also trying a new method of animation. Because of my style and the mainly neon colors they fit well together as a body of work despite not actually having anything to do with each other. Overall, none of these pieces are necessarily perfect, but I am happy with the effort it took to make these short little clips.