Madeline Lubeck

ART NOW S20 Photography

ART303 Photography I

Class of 2020
Critical Communication & Media Major
Political Science Minor

These photos were captured at different times and with different intentions throughout this past semester but together, they portray a larger story. Two months ago, I was enjoying my final semester of college, and my schooling as a whole. Today, I am mourning the loss of this semester, my graduation, the countless plans I had with friends and family, and the fact that I never got to say good-bye to some of my friends and classmates who I may never see again. We are all living in scary and tough times. We have all faced loss and are going through the process of mourning in one way or another. Despite all the bad, there is still good in the world. Flowers will continue to bloom, the sun will still shine, and we will all continue to grow together and move onward.