Lexi Harford

ART NOW S20 Drawing

Class of 2023
Art+Design Major

My artwork is a white charcoal piece on black paper that was inspired by a previous piece I have created based on a series of photographs by Alfred Stieglitz. My first piece based on Stieglitz’s photograph of Georgia O’Keeffe’s hands inspired me to try something new, drawing with white charcoal on black paper. This piece was originally going to be a drawing of my boyfriend and I holding hands, but my reference ended up being a photo of my hand holding my friend Stephanie’s. As I worked on this piece, I began to think of the friendships I’ve made since moving into Butler, Stephanie being one of them. I began to think of how crazy it is that I’ve become so close to someone who was a complete stranger only a few months ago. In a way, this piece became a piece that symbolizes not only my friendship with Stephanie, but all my friends in the art department, and all the friendships I have made so far at Butler.