Jacqueline Mullins

All ART NOW S21 Photography

Class of 2023
Biology Major
Art + Design Major


White Winter Hymnal
This photo was taken in the Holcomb Gardens after the final winter storm of the season. The weather-worn gazebo looked extremely inviting, but lonely and abandoned at the same time. The title of this photo, “White Winter Hymnal,” is the title of a song by Fleet Foxes that explains the isolation felt during winter and how that disappears as soon as summertime occurs. 

Persephone’s Welcome
This photo was taken on one of the first warm days of the year. The myth of Persephone explains that spring begins after she comes back from the Underworld after spending the winter months there. Springtime and blooming leaves and growing grass are associated with the return of the warmth that accompanies Persephone as she brings winter to an end.