Danielle Rodgers

ART NOW S20 Professional Practices

Class of 2020
Art+Design Minor

I have always admired vintage things. Old antiques and retro things capture my attention and have a way of making what was created in the past, a possibility or idea for the future. This project encompasses just that. Many have heard or seen a Polaroid camera. The vintage, retro, and authenticity of just a small film has people today capturing moments like we are back in 1940. I have a knack for these vintage, rustic things, so I couldn’t help but purchase a camera like this myself. But there is more behind just a vintage, rustic look. There is something about capturing an ‘in the moment’ photo, and it being permanent when it prints out the bottom.

For this body of work, I have strived to bring the idea of memory into frame with a modern twist. People often capture moments and memories through a camera lens and print them off into a picture or kept in a digital camera roll on one’s phone. I began using the polaroid’s I have collected over the years and used them as inspiration to re-create them through graphic imagery. When I look back at my polaroid’s, a memory is sparked. It is my wish that by looking at these modern twists I have made of a polaroid film, one can reminiscence on a memory of their own, or be inspired to create one themselves.