Corrina Riess

2020-2021 All Exhibitions Thesis 2021

Class of 2021
Art + Design | Religion

A Nature Walk

This project explores the beauty of nature through the capture of everyday things. Nature does not match, and neither does this group of photographs. There are many different colors, many different shapes, and many different sizes when it comes to the elements of the natural world. Each plant, animal, or other object has its own traits, and the colors found within them all have varying vibrancies. Nature is all around us, but are we really realizing all the nuances within, or are we just viewing it as yet another part of the world that we have to walk through? 

The inspiration for this project was simple. During spring 2020, I found myself taking a lot of walks. There wasn’t much else to do otherwise. During that semester, I was also in a photography class and was becoming more and more interested in nature photography. Thus, this series incorporates photos from my walks last spring, as well as some newer images from walks that I have taken this spring. I chose springtime because of the new growth and the fact that spring is a time for a new start. By taking advantage of the mismatched traits that nature in the springtime can portray, every photograph fits with the others in some way or another. The idea is that this series will grow each spring, creating a continuous yet cohesive series of mismatched natural wonder.