Clair O’Brien

ART NOW S20 Professional Practices

Class of 2021
Art+Design Major (EDDP)

Using Jeanne Gang’s sustainable architectural styles and the sustainable material of Cross Laminated Timber, Log Cabin came to fruition. Other than a proposed 80-story Cross Laminated Timber Skyscraper, Log Cabin will be the first Chicago building constructed with this sustainable material. The pods can be purchased by floor with several prototypes to choose from, which creates a never-ending, eco-friendly, and unique skyscraper. Leaving the structure in the hands of the community gives a safe distance between architect and culture. The first three floors are will be coffee shop, then a recording studio as timber is very good for audio absorption, then an open library. The Tetris like design style is coupled with a rain resistant wood paneling on the north and south facing facades. Working in a limited space, the square and rectangle shape of the pod promotes maximum indoor square footage with tall ceilings.

Proposed Design:

Site: Italian Village, 71 W Monroe St, Chicago, IL 6060, betwixt 41-story skyscrapers.

Material: sustainable and recycled material- Cross Laminated Timber and Glass.

Size: 20 x 20 x 15 ft /per pod. Starting ht.- 45 ft. End ht. maximum 500 ft~34-Story