Clair O’Brien

2020-2021 ART NOW F20 Exhibitions Sculpture

Class of 2021
Art + Design/ Mechanical Engineering

Class Projects
Buckling: The connotation behind I-Beams is sturdiness. When an I-Beam lacks sturdiness, it buckles in an unpredictable manner. The spontaneity that stress puts on a sturdy object creates a buckled beam. Buckling frames the concept of stacked buckled beams around a rigid and symmetric body. Juxtaposing these objects reinforces human grit; even though stress plays out in unprecedented ways our minds can hold us up. Buckling in a plan view mirrors that square frame and wavering circle aspect, as you move down through the structure the positioning of circles waver. The soft but strong concept continues through material use- porcelain represents the broken sturdiness as wood creates the skeleton frame. Filling the porcelain object with foam emphasizes the need to surround strength with softness. The final piece will be displayed as a side table to rest other objects on top of and be supported by.  

Spread: Anxiety expressed through an abstract figure / wire light sculpture. The light escapes the figure in intentional variations to mirror an anxious self. Suspending from legs and arms light barely breaks through head, for much of the mental weight is trapped.