Carly Duncan

2021-2022 ART NOW F21

Art + Design Major
Minor: Physics
Class of 2022

ART313 Photography 2
Professor Steve Nyktas

This photo’s softness is due to the use of a pin hole lens. The fine details that you maybe used to seeing are nowhere to be found here. In fact, this photo might not appear like a photo at all. Maybe it looks like a painting. Perhaps the saturated colors and range of light recall impressionist paintings to your mind. Perhaps you’ve seen this scene before: a memory that happened so long ago you cant quite recall the details. Only the shapes and colors remain along with the feeling of your own existence. For me, this photo feels like the ending of a movie. We’ve just followed the cast through their entire journey. Everyone ended up alright. Now it’s time for them to begin a new story and leave the audience behind. Roll Credits.