Adam Greenlee

2020-2021 ART NOW S21 Exhibitions Professional Practices

Class of 2024
Art + Design Major   

With this digital work I attempted to describe the feeling of my recently discovered ability to lucid dream. I can only describe this experience as the feeling of being awake and asleep simultaneously; the feeling of having your eyes open, and closed at the same time; the feeling of consciously operating in a space between reality, and whatever realm our minds enter when we dream. In these experiences I noticed only one constant: the fact that I was only able to comprehend and remember fragments of the dream. Basically, I feel like some of the things that happened, I may never forget, and others I couldn’t even recognize in the moment. I wanted to express this sensation by including multiple different elements drawn in different ways with different brushes. Of the different portions that make up the piece, some are conveyed photo-realistically, some are more graphic, and others are more surreal. I also took some inspiration from the unique layout of Leonardo Da’ Vinci’s sketch-work. I feel like this piece is in a way the culmination of my experience with digital art and the Procreate software up to this point in my artistic journey. I used all of the skills that I have developed with almost all of the tools and brushes available to portray my vision.